Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday

It's Mr. Shannon's birthday! Lots of people are nice to him. They sing happy birthday. They give him cakes.

We think he needs more. He needs a birthday surprise. And we are just the guys to give it to him. Because we have done about 342 presentations together, we have pretty much memorized what each guy says. So Mac and Adam and I decide to surprise Mr. Shannon by giving his entire presentation . . . without him.

Adam shows the kids how to draw David while Mac and I explain why David's left nostril is bigger than his right nostril ("he's left handed"), how Mr. Shannon broke his nose ("the sliding glass door was shut"), and what Mr. Shannon's dad used to call a buzz haircut ("a pig shave").

Mr. Shannon is definitely surprised. Mr. Shannon is even flabbergasted. But he gets to take the morning off. And the K-2 kids love both the presentation and the special Adam Rex birthday version of David.


  1. Happy Birthday, David!
    When your next birthday comes can you invite me?
    Here's how my name is: Joaquín Jiménez.
    I have the book called, No, David!
    (Scribed by Joaquín's mom. Joaquín is almost 5 and is in Kindergarten. He loves David Shannon's books.)

  2. Excellent!
    When can you guys come to Ipswich, MA (north of Boston)?