Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gentlemen Farmers

Three of the Four Guys have spent the past few days in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've been reading at a bunch of terrific schools, but today we want to talk about Ohlone Elementary, the first and so far only school to have a Steven Wright quotation on its welcome sign in the parking lot. After a great reading and signing, someone told us there was a farm attached to the school, and that this farm had animals. Ever eager to expand our audience, the guys leaped into action.

There's Mac reading Guess Again! to Emma, who is a sheep, and who was more interested in eating hay.

This chicken was more attentive for Adam's reading. What you see here is a special moment. Adam realized his lifelong dream of holding a chicken, and this chicken realized her lifelong dream of being held by Adam Rex.

And finally, here's Rainbow the Goat reading Robot Zot!. Rainbow was unquestionably the most interested in our books. And although it might seem like Jon wants to eat Rainbow in this picture, we assure you, the goat was the hungry one. Shortly after we took this photo, Rainbow took a bite out of Guess Again!:

That's life on the Guys With Books Tour--one minute you're reading in an elementary school library, the next you're wandering around in the Pet Sounds album cover.

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  1. Blast! I missed your visit to the Barnes and Noble in El Cerrito. I just found out about this thing. - I guess I'll just have to keep following online.