Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animal Act

Adam here. I've jumped ship and am no longer on tour, but I thought I'd share some drawings I made throughout California and Arizona.

It's become a regular shtick of mine to ask audiences of kids for animal suggestions and then combine said animals into a hideous chimera for their amusement. Then I frequently invite the kids to name it. Here are a few. I'll show more later.

A girl named the fellow below "Chow Chow." It's on the tag.

No name for the last one, but notable for being the only time I've been asked to draw a bearded dragon. Mac had to pull up a little jpeg of one on his iPhone for reference.


  1. Nice work Adam! I don't have any more recent samples, but this "excercise" has been one of my favorite things to do at school visits etc. as well :)

    Been diggin' the "Guys With Books" tour. You all are a class act!

  2. Snake. Cougar. Bluebird.

    Love it!

    A snake tail. Let's see. Can we call that body part a "snail"?

    Great stuff.

  3. Love a bearded dragon!!

  4. Enya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be terrified.