Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Really?

While a certain 2 Guys on the 4 Guy Tour were lolling around in a fat guy's chair, the other 2 guys were working the room at the Library of Congress. Hard. This is a picture of Ambassador Scieszka and Vice Ambassador Shannon in the hallowed halls of the LOC, just before they were whisked away by helicopter.

Crazy bunch of book lovers at the National Book Festival this year. Well over 100,000 of them. And they were there to see a great line-up of Judy Blume, Rick Riordan, Kate DiCamillo, Jeff Kinney, James Patterson, Jackie Woodson, Mo Willems, Tony DiTerlizzi, Holly Black, Kadir Nelson, Shannon Hale, Stephen Kellog, Jerry Pinkney . . . and Scieszka/Shannon.

We managed to pester everyone.
Stand by for video proof.

This could be the big day.
All 4 guys are scheduled to be at a school here in LA in a couple hours.
We'll see.


  1. Proof, proof, proof!

  2. I wish you were coming to Georgia...sigh...

  3. Hey guys

    I'm loving the interaction between the four of you on this blog. I found you via Guys Read. Looks like fun. All the trash-talking and robot-dancing and fun ways to connect with kids. Inspiring. Nice one.


  4. Do you know if that Leroy Haynes Center event is open to the public?

  5. Sorry, Sandy.

    Thanks, Tristan!

    It sure is, Mike.