Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh Really?

I don't want to get all controversial right at the beginning of the Tour . . . but what kind of 4 Guy Tour is this?

We are in a hotel in the middle of a Chicago suburb mall parking lot, getting ready to take off for a very early morning school presentation, and I only count 2 Guys – Jon Scieszka and Dave Shannon.

I'm not saying a certain 2 Guys are already working harder and stronger, I'm just saying I only count 2 Guys.

So Mr. Shannon and Ambassador Scieszka are off for one crazy long day today. From Winnetka to Naperville and back again. But don't worry about us. We have plans to get everyone doing the ROBOT ZOT dance.

"Robot Zot never fall! Robot Zot conquer all!"


  1. Aloha Jon and David -- I want a video of the Robot Zot dance, please. Best wishes, Elke
    PS: Take your vitamins!

  2. Jon and David, I came here to say that that I want a video of the Zot dance, and I see that Elke beat me to it! So I'll just echo her -- video, please!

    Anne Z

  3. Yes. Zot Dance. Please. Or I'll make your editor do it for me and post that instead. Which, honestly, would probably be incredibly funny in and of itself . . . .